Polymer Chaos Keywords #10: tychus findlay pin up

As with the rest of these “Keywords” posts, someone out there searched for “tychus findlay pin up” and ended up on my blog.

I don’t know who you are, random anonymous person searching for Tychus Findlay pinups, but by God I hope you found what you were looking for. *salute*

12 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos Keywords #10: tychus findlay pin up

  1. What the hell is findlay?

    This reminds of those official dakimakuras that don’ actually show anything and end up being underwhelming. Not that I wanna see anything.

    • ‘Tychus Findlay’ is the name of the character from Starcraft 2 that the figure is of.

      I like the dakimakuras of things that don’t belong on dakimakuras, like Kyubey or tanks.

  2. And I though the term “Yoko tied-up” was odd… Your’s just stole the cake…
    BRB, need to more yuri-ness to wash this…

  3. LMAO, so THAT’s what the flowers were for! The dude was probably looking for the pin-up art painted on his armour, but I say this is pretty much better in every single way possible. +1 internet to you,

    • I actually wanted the flowers for something else, but I realized they’d also be perfect for this, along with that sheepskin mini-carpet that’s only slightly visible.

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