New Arrival: Robot Damashii Banshee

So, Robot Damashii Banshee, from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.  Purchased from HLJ.

Not much of a preface here, other than that I actually wanted to do this one because of how much of a dramatic improvement Banshee is over the old RD Unicorn/Unicorn Destroy.  I don’t have Destroy any more so I can’t do a direct comparison, but the engineering was pretty much the same between Destroy and Unicorn.  I also don’t know if the “Full Action” RD Unicorn Destroy has the same changes, but from the official pictures of it (which are far better posed than I seem to ever do…), it seems that way.

A fancy picture for the DeviantArt.  Using a red Lightning Base and screwing around with levels.

Order of stuff will be odd, but I feel like doing it this way.  First major change I noticed was that Banshee was significantly bigger than the original Destroy.  Which I guess means all of the UC Robot Damashiis aren’t in scale with each other, and you’d have to have the Full Action Destroy to have both at the right size.

Other major change is that OH MY GOD THEY FIXED THE KNEES.  The knees on the original Unicorn could only bend so far, and to go further the knee joint could actually extend out of the socket some.  Banshee doesn’t suffer any of that, being able to go to that angle without any awkward knee-pulling.  The kneecap even has some nifty moving parts that slide around as you bend the knee.

I think this is a common articulation test?  At any rate, Banshee is pretty flexible.

Can even bend forward at the waist/chest pretty well.

The Banshee’s main accessories are the two main weapons it sports, the Armed Armor BS (I’ll just call it the “cannon”) and Armed Armor VN (“claw”).  They just clip onto the forearms.

The cannon simply folds over the hand to deploy, while the two pylons are pulled out to get into active mode.

The claw is pretty well articulated.

For some reason, Banshee comes with a second version of the claw in its non-active form.  Maybe I just didn’t pay attention to the OVA enough, but I thought the claw was only like that when Banshee was in Unicorn mode…  I guess you can use it to have double fapping hands, or whatever.

Banshee also comes with a bunch of other equipment that none of the promotional shots ever showed.  Besides the cannon and claw, it’s also got two beam sabers, a beam magnum, hyper bazooka, shield, two spare magazines for the magnum, a spare magazine for the bazooka, spare head crest made from a different plastic (like every other RD), a Tamashii Stage bit, and four total pairs of hands.

I was able to equip Banshee with everything but one of the beam sabers and one of the spare magazines.  I should have tried harder.

The beam sabers have some actual shape to them to make them different from all the other beam sabers out there, plus some gradient painting at the base.

Just like Destroy, Banshee has the Wolverinesque forearm-mounted beam sabers.

Some other stuff.  Thrusters on the back of the legs can be pulled out.  Also, the things on the sides of the ankles can move about, and the front ankle guard thing is hinged so it can move forward/up.

Besides the places where the spare magazines can be store, Banshee’s got a third peg hole in the center of the back, with more of the same holes on the sides of the forearms.  Both the bazooka and magnum feature little tabs that can be pulled out, allowing them to be stored in any of the peg holes where they’ll go.

The handles on both of the weapons can be opened, so the trigger hands can easily be slid on.

For some reason, the bazooka is segmented and can be disassembled.  I don’t know why that is.  The pegs on each part are also one-way pegs, so you don’t have to worry about trying to get the parts in perfect alignment when you do this.

Box.  Of all the figure lines I collect, Bandai’s boxes seem to be the cheapest/least sturdiest.

A fight scene!

Taking advantage of some sun.

“No, Luke.  I am your father.”

Lion and cat.


Already posted this places, but here it is again anyways.

9 thoughts on “New Arrival: Robot Damashii Banshee

  1. Is the v-fin on this figure loose by any chance? Some Robot Spirits Figures have v-fins that come off way too easily. Thanks.

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  3. The Banshee RD sure looks nice, makes me wonder if that newer version of the Unicorn is this nice. All the extra unseen bits and pieces are really nice. I been curious about some of the Robot Damashi stuff for a while, mainly the Nu Gundam, so I’m happy to finally have a nice close look.

    I must say the picture outside is nice, reminds of those “vote for” or propaganda posters.

    • One of the odd things about the RD line, at least in my experience, is that the engineering can vary way too much between different suits. Although, that might just be from all the 00 RD’s that I have, and things may be more standardized by now. I’ll probably be able to tell more once I get the RD Vox Aura later this summer.

      I’m trying to think of a good caption for an Obama ‘CHANGE’-styled picture, but I can’t think of one.

  4. whoah! I’m very much surprised at the quality and detail of this particular robot damashi! He looks almost perfect!! And he almost looks the same as my HG Banshee, maybe 90% the same seeing your pictures as I am building him now! =3

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