11 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #136: Eh

  1. Every time I see Saber say Gaoo~ I get all confused, I thought that was supposed to be a dinosaur!

    Did ever mention that when I see the ‘hnnnngggg” thing I get surprised people keep saying it’s a heart attack. It does not bring a heart attack to mind but another different bodily action…

    • I think it’s just supposed to be some sort of cutesy roar.

      I believe the original reaction image used to convey HNNNGGGG was of a guy having a heart attack, so…

  2. Good to see the Sabers being put to better uses than they ever did in my possession. Hoping that all-star stand is treating you well! I also like how in the picture you tweeted, Lion was holder her little rice bowl while everyone else brandished their swords.

    Also, can’t wait for the inevitable Diablo figure. DAT DiABLO’S ASS

    • I see why you said the stand sucked. I’ve got it holding now, but I’ll probably use some sticky-tack in the future or something.

      Too bad there won’t be an articulated Sexy!Diablo…(you knoe who needs a Queen’s Blade Revoltech?!)

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