Polymer Chaos #134: Spoiler Alert

pc_134_spoileralertWikipedia told me this! I guess it’s already been talked about in the original source books at some point.

I wonder how they’re going to handle this in the anime that’s currently running. They’ve yet to make any sort of reference to Annelotte having demonic blood in her, and all of her crazy special abilities appear more holy than demonic.

And speaking of which, I hope Lunaluna and Lyra/Liara or whatever the new angel’s name is both get Revoltechs.

I’d also take a Lunaluna Nendoroid. Jus’ sayin’.

9 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #134: Spoiler Alert

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  2. Sheesh, I’m still hoping for a Tomoe Revoltech, here you are hoping for new characters. I must be behind the times.

    • I think hoping for any more Revoltechs of the original characters is long dead. Maybe they’ll make one of Tomoe’s Rebellion version, if I remember right it’s not all that different from her original outfit.

  3. Ah I think I just spoiled myself, should have listened the the spoiler warning more sternly. I would have never thought that Annelotte didn’t have a penis.

  4. Aldra seems very straight to the point regarding Annelotte’s status. =D

    Ah yes, another fine example of the StarkBlock system in action.

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