New Arrival: Busou Shinki Proxima

proximapost01Suddenly, another figure.  But hey, Figma Ika Musume doesn’t ship until near the end of the month instead of her original release date of the end of March.  Proxima’s also counting as a [PURGED BY ORDER OF THE INQUISITION]

Busou Shinki Type-Centaur Proxima, ordered from the Time Lords at Mandarake.  That means she’s used goods.  A dirty, used whorse.

But as always, something being “used” from Mandarake seems to really mean “opened and taken out once, and immediately put back in the box”.  Kinda late to the game with her, though, as Proxima’s been out for quite a while.  But I was getting the Shinki bug again, and I didn’t feel like waiting an unknown amount of time for the bike girls to get released, so I went ahead and grabbed one of the others I’ve been interested in.

No “accessories” picture this time, though, since Shinkis have a smorgasbord of parts.  Most of the parts make up the battle mode armor, and there’s also a Shinki-standard set of hands, three faces, a stand, and a variety of bits used for coming up with your own configurations and mixing things up.  I’m not very creative at this, so there’s not going to be any original configurations from me.

Also this post will probably be pretty crappy since I never know what I’m doing.  I still need to fix some lighting issues.

Fancy picture.  Ended up using one of those Lightning Bases that I haven’t really used in forever instead of trying to do something with the Ott-lite.  Also run through some color adjustments in Paintshop.

I had a particular idea for the picture, but I’ve only got some colored lights and sheets of poster board and not any fancy staging materials so that leaves me with whatever.  At least I got the light to do what I wanted.

Starting with Proxima’s normal mode and default neutral face.  Pretty sure she uses the Tall version of the MMS 3rd body.  Some of Proxima’s parts don’t have the best paint job, but it’s one of those things that shows up really well in macro pictures and is much less noticeable in reality.

Some Shinkis have interesting designs on their backs, but Proxima doesn’t have anything of interest on her back.  So here’s a profile shot to give an idea of how her hair goes, and of her pointy ears.

Next face is the sleeping face.  Every Shinki seems to come with one of these now, I guess since a Shinki “sleeps” when being charged in their universe.

And then the serial killer face.  I guess it’s supposed to be her battle face, but it gives a different sort of impression.  I do have to say I like Proxima’s eyes on the faces where you can see them, they are quite vivid.

The meat and potatoes of Proxima is her centaur battle mode.  It’s pretty nicely done, far better than Altlene’s giant fiddly mess.  Even better, it’s really easy to get Proxima into centaur mode, just have to swap the lower legs and chest plate, put a face and her bangs on the helmet, and then plug in the rest into her back.  Now, I have to learn how to pose horses.

A picture of Proxima’s posterior, with all the armor.  The whole chunk is made up of relatively few individual bits and stays together well (again, unlike Altlene).

The armor’s secondary mode is a jetpack configuration, which can be achieved simply by folding the backside up and deploying the spoiler-wings.  No parts need to be swapped around or anything!  However, you can take the lower back legs off and replace them with some of Proxima’s guns.  Most of Proxima’s weapons are guns, and the dark squares on the back legs remind me of missile pods, so she gives the impression of being suited for ranged DPS.

Now to just randomly go wherever.  One of Proxima’s neat features is that she was designed to let other Shinkis ride on her back, even including a bit that can be pulled up to plug other Shinkis into to keep them attached and stable.

Like so.

The back of Proxima’s helmet, the part with the horns, can also be stuck in the front in place of the hair bangs, giving Proxima a tacticool visor setup of sorts.  One of her guns can be configured with her two swords to look more like a bow, probably intended to evoke the idea of centaur/horse archers.

There’s also two bits that can be stuck in the back of the front legs to act as stabilizers and make it easier to pose Proxima in horse modes.  The jetpack mode is too back-heavy to really use without the stand, though.

I wanted to do a sitting pose.  I think it looks cute!  According to the Internet, when real horses do this they do it a bit differently, but I don’t think it’d work that way for Proxima.

An outside picture I took since I had the opportunity.


Box pictures (towards the end of the post, where they should be!).  Proxima’s face in the original art is kind of…yeah.

Harmony you slut what are you doing to that horse?!

16 thoughts on “New Arrival: Busou Shinki Proxima

  1. I love the outside picture and the one with the cat, I’m surprised the cat allowed that to take place. My cat would have eaten the figma, or carried it off into the woods as punishment for messing with it and trying to take its picture.

    • It can be tricky to get pictures with my cat sometimes, since mostly he just wants attention and won’t sit still for long. But otherwise he’s pretty chill about things.

  2. Oh god, you can get girls to ride a horse by inserting some phallic protrusion into an orifice on another shinki’s back? You can’t get any more innuendo than that.

    I did not expect to see this Shinki again after being recently introduced to it and my opinion on her is this: I’m not into quadruplets but I sure like the front half. I mean, she has a ponytail… sexy.

    • The vent designs, or whatever they are, along with the wings/spoilers on that pony’s tail end add to the jetpack idea nicely, but I don’t know if they’re sexy

      …oh, you meant the hair.

    • Mount Olympus, it’s a centaur! Get in the Acropolis!

      I also want to see how many other Shinkis I can get to ride Proxima at once, but I don’t know how well that will work without being able to use the riding peg.

  3. IMPOSSIBLE!!! Don’t tell me the last new/unopened proxima bid war was between me and you in Yahoo Auction Japan.

    But basically yeah i got my proxima of YAJ for 4700Y.

    Don’t know when she arrives from my proxy though.

      • Yeah i will, in the meantime I’m still looking for a mint Sharatang and Babyrazz. Babyrazz isn’t that hard, but a new Sharatang is 14k at the very least – .-)a

        Made me regret why i didn’t start sooner. Since MMS3rd is better than the previous MMS.

        Are you getting Estoril and Jill Rivers too? (pink bike, black bike)

        • I kinda want Sharatang, too, since she’s basically a Castlevania Shinki. But definately not 10,000+ yen want.

          I want to get Estoril, if Konami ever decides to give them a release date.

  4. Daww that sitting shot is great.

    Usually I’m not all that interested in Shinki girls but Proxima is just too cute, your post kinda makes me want to get her. It’s great that she can also have normal legs apart form her heresy mode. Though both modes are great.

    Is it me or does she have bigger boobs than the other Shinki?

    • Be careful! Once you go down the Shinki path, there is no return! NO RETURN!

      Shinki boob sizes vary pretty well from DFC’s to Titty Monsters, but I think Proxima is close to the same as the Harmony and Altlene I have. Definitely not the biggest, though, I think that honor goes to Ianeira and Vitilus.

  5. Yay, my favorite.

    I find the ‘battle face’ to be more of a confident smirk than anything more horrifying.

    Depending on preference it’s either dismaying or just plain funny that the only explicit fanarts stuff of her all features her wielding the horse foot as a dick.

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