New Arrival: DC Unlimited Tychus Findlay

tychuspost01Probably never know what I’m doing, or why I’m doing it (other than for the hits…).  But whatever!  Guess I haven’t done one of these in like a month.  Holy shit!

Amazingly, it’s a non-Japanese figure for a change.  This is DC Unlimited’s Marine Tychus Findlay, from StarCraft II.  He’s available from Blizzard’s online store for $32, but I purchased mine from Amazon because free shipping.

This is also my first chance to do a post like this using the crude light box I put together, and it’s working out quite nicely.

Quick crappy box shot.  The box is pretty sturdy and relatively nice, enough that I’ll actually keep it around, for now.

Tychus out of the box.  Normally, I’d be using one of the Nendo Playset backgrounds for action figures like this, but Tychus is about twice the height of one, so I decided it’d be pointless to have.  DC Comic’s in-house figure production mostly makes un-articulated figures for Blizzard’s games, so I think Tychus is the first one that’s been articulated (though they’ve done plenty of normally-articulated figures for other lines).  Anyways, I’m a girl man that enjoys a good suit of power armor, and I quite like StarCraft II’s new design for their Terran Marines.  It’s way better than the original design from the first game.

Rear shot.  Perhaps the most important aspect of the new design is that there is no more inexplicable fire extinguisher on the back!  Since the design was introduced, I’ve been pretty fond of the two exhaust ports/whatever they are up on the top-back of the suit.  Gives it a bit of a unique touch (as far as I know, though it does seem a bit Movie Iron Man-flavored, but I’m not sure which came first) in a galaxy filled with giant shoulders.

The only accessory Tychus comes with is a rifle.  No Riot Shield, sadly.  Getting him to hold it with both hands takes a bit of work, though.  The right hand has articulated fingers, one for the index finger and one more for the three remaining fingers, to make it easier to get him to hold the gun (I think), but unfortunately the gun has a habit of falling out of his hand.

However, he can also hold the gun in his left hand, and it actually works a bit better than in the right, since the gun stays in place better thanks to the left hand being un-articulated.

Such a bulky power armor design would naturally have a limited range of movement in some areas, but Tychus actually has a decent amount of flexibility.  Even both the helmet, and Tychus’ head inside, can rotate independent of each other.  The main limitations are at the elbows and knees, which can’t even get to 90 degree bends.

He can even sit!  Though one of the hip joints on mine was frozen at first, so I had to stick him in the freezer for a bit before I could do this.

The feet have multiple joints, allowing Tychus to go tippy-toe.  No ankle rockers, though.

The helmet’s visor can slide up, revealing a fairly decent Tychus on the inside.  Though it’s hard to see much of him, and I’ll probably be keeping the visor closed most of the time as I use Tychus for the “Marine” character in the comics.

Attempting to do a close-up of some of the torso detail.  It’s probably the most curious bit of the design, as it apparently involves sticking a car engine on a person’s crotch.

Attempted close-up of the art on the left shoulder pad.  Unfortunately, the decals aren’t very solid and look like, well, water-slide decals, instead of actual paint.  The paint job on Tychus is pretty good, for the most part.  I think my only real complaint about it is that the “scratch” marks on the armor don’t look like scratch marks at all.  Just…strokes of silver paint.

A comparison of Tychus with the original Marine action figure on the left, and a Firebat action figure on the right.  The Marine is easily a decade old by now, and I think the Firebat dates to just a bit before SC2 was first announced.  Tychus is easily the best of the bunch.  I used to have a Hydralisk, I think the second version of the action figure, but it broke to pieces.  Zerg defeat.

Another comparison, with a Generic Figma.  After taking this picture, I thought to myself, “I paid over twice as much for the little girl.”

A final comparison, with my cat.  Though I already posted this picture around.

Build more supply depots!

Build more supply depots!

17 thoughts on “New Arrival: DC Unlimited Tychus Findlay

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  2. Hi hamstercorp – i know this is an old post but i just got this tychus figure here in the Philippines and I have this problem of frozen/stuck joint on his right elbow joint. I tried to put force but it just wont budge. Tried the warm water trick but no luck. You mentioned you experience a frozen hip joint on your tychus and was solve via freezer trick? is it really safe? I’ve heard it will go brittle if plastic is frozen but as you noted you have successfully made it. I’m a bit hesitant to do it that way. Any other advise?

    • The joints on the Marine are pretty large, so I think they’re probably a bit more durable than smaller stuff when it comes to trying to get joints unstuck. I guess the main thing to do if you do try to freeze the joint is to just be careful and not use too much force, especially if it doesn’t feel comfortable. You could also try freezing the figure and then just letting it thaw normally before trying to move it. Also probably worth noting that that elbows don’t really move all that much and also have a sort of ratcheting action, so you don’t want to try pushing the joint beyond what it’s meant to do. Good luck!

      • Hi, thanks for the reply. Yeah, One thing, can I just put it on the refrigerator instead of a freezer? (I know freezer is where you put all the frozen foods e.g. icecream) If yes ref is okay, how long would you think? I believe, i can just put the whole figure and not only the arm because you cannot just easily remove his arm without skills or tools. Yeah, freezing and just letting it thaw might be good. Yes, I notice that too with his left arm, the elbow joints have little movement, at least it does move, unlike the right elbow joint on mine that is not totally moving. Good thing, the unmovable joint is already in a decent position. Here is what it looks like

        • I dunno if just a refrigerator would work, unless it gets really close to freezing temperature.
          Sometimes the reason a joint gets stuck is because of the paint on the adjacent surfaces of a joint get stuck together, so the idea behind freezing as an alternative to heating is to make that paint brittle enough to easily break back apart.
          You could still try the refrigerator, though, just let it sit in there for a few hours and see what you can do then. Don’t really know what else you could try short of trying to dismantle the joint after that, though.

          • Hi hamstercorp – thank you very much for your advise and appreciate your time replying to my inquiry. Yes, I have a great feeling it’s due to paint on the joint being together. I will try to refrigerate and see what I can do. Thank you again. ;)

  3. I saw DC in the title and thought hey, must be one of those bishoujo figures. Alas, it was a big manly space marine, couldn’t be further from bishoujo.

    It’s really nice, really big too, the details are not bad either. Much better than the previous offerings I seen in your previous comics.

    That comment with Misaka-imouto, so true, I payed more for her than for any one figure. Also that picture looked in scale.

    • Bishoujo Tychus Findlay? Not sure if want.

      I’m glad there’s at least some Western figure companies actually getting better over time, instead of not improving or sticking to 1/18ish lines.

      At least Misaka wasn’t my most-expensive figure…

  4. What it is with western video game developers and making their male characters look like football players.

    Tychus looks like a black man inside the helmet, even though I remember him being really pale.

    OH GOD what’s up with the old space marine, they weren’t THAT bad even in the SC1 cut-scenes.

    Hmm looking at him next to Misaka makes me think that he’s actually to scale with a figma, it’s just that the suit add so much bulk so he looks huge.

    Unable to comment more, you must construct additional pylons.

    • Blizzard’s had a habit of using a semi-cartoonish aesthetic for their character designs for a while, now. Kinda brilliant, really, they make their games look good and visually distinctive without having to worry about pushing millions of polygons or excessive bloom and brown like all the other “realistic” stuff.

      I was having a hell of a time getting the inside of the helmet lit up. Probably should have just used a flashlight. I forgot to mention, under proper lighting it actually looks like he’s got a bunch of blood on his face.

      As bad as the action figure looks, it’s actually an almost-perfect rendition of the way the Marines look on the first game’s Terran Victory screen…

      He might be a bit tall to fit with Figmas, but I’ve seen suggestions that he can fit in well with 6″ figures.

      • I really like that part of blizzard. One of the few that don’t go for ultrarealism.

        I still think somethings off with the old marine, not enough shoulders, or maybe the helmet is too small dunno. Maybe I just remember them way more badass than they actually were.

        Oh and I forgot to mention, light-box’s working pretty good for you. Nice pics.

  5. Wow, this guy is HUEG~! D=
    And pretty detailed too.

    With suit design like that, articulation definitely would take a hit. At least he can sit.

    Takoluka is on a marine, controlling the marine.

    • Yeah, very nicely done. I was a bit worried at first, because I saw some bad pictures, but everything turned out better than expected!

      A little bit more angle on the elbows, at least, would have been nice, but he’s still pretty awesome overall.


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