Polymer Order #4: Sunday School Lesson

po_004_sundayschoollessonDear sisters and brothers in Christ! Let us once again give thanks to Him that is holy, that we may be able to enjoy the fruits of His creation.

Today, with the inspiration that could only come from Christ, I have decided to share with you an interpretation of a wonderful tale from the holy Bible. It is quite the excellent passage, and I think we can all take its lessons to heart, so that we may be better followers of Christ.

Lord, may Your light shine upon our collectible figures, so that they may never break and remain steadfast in their devotion to You!

4 thoughts on “Polymer Order #4: Sunday School Lesson

  1. God, I’m so ignorant, I have no idea what tale this is suppose to interpret.

    Also you just made me realize I’m going straight to hell, so many idols I idolize, by the dozens no less!

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