Polymer Chaos #129: Epic Death of a Space Marine

pc_129_epicdeathofaspacemarineThis is actually me recycling one of the original Annihilated Comics. Of course, you wouldn’t have known that unless I told you, and then you could have thought this was a new and original idea instead of a dirty, re-used one.

I actually did up a little storyboard for this one, once I realized that good camera angles (and then widescreen bars) would actually help it a lot.

Remember, kids, “space marine” is owned by Games Workshop!

11 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #129: Epic Death of a Space Marine

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  2. This is the time when it would be nice if this was popular in Japan. I bet there would be some sort of fan-made garage kit or figure or something.

  3. Oh man, for a second I thought I had missed the original! I mean, I went through EVERYTHING when you moved blogs and I never saw this.

    I also keep missing all this western references, makes me feel like I’m some ignorant American… oh wait… nah shouldn’t make fun of my country.

    But man, fraulein Yuki, I don’t think I ever seen anyone do anything with that.

    • The Ancient Comics have been obliterated for quite a while now, luckily. They’ll never find the bodies

      Fraulein Yuki is a bit uncommon, but I decided to get her since I already had Fraulein Haruhi, she was cheap, and Figma Witch Yuki was basically unobtainable (though I didn’t know of Mandarake back then). But I’ve seen Fraulein Mikuru even less.

    • At least his body will help regrow Reach! Or whatever it was Halsey was talking about.

      Yuki is definitely the best to deliver the news. The original version used a gashapon figure of Vanilla H from Galaxy Angel, at least.

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