11 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #128: Yotsubeatmania! Episode 14 – Moment of Truth

  1. Shocking! Haruhi is the final boss! Of all the fictional character figures you own, I never saw that coming.

    Backgrounds you printed out from the Interwebs, that’s a rather smart idea. Should I ever make my own webcomic I’ll have to steal that idea.

    • If I remember correctly, to make those action-y backgrounds, I Googled something like “action background tutorial” and found a Photoshop tutorial for making them pretty easily.

      Although, I don’t have PS and Paintshop didn’t have an analogue to some of the necessary tools, so I had to pirate it for a bit just to do the tutorial…

  2. Man, it was long enough in between episodes that I forgot it was Haruhi so I was still surprised… so… cool I didn’t have to fake it.

    Never noticed before even though I own it but that Fraulein Haruhi has some nice expressions.

  3. OH MY GOD! I would have never guessed that the final boss was Haruhi Suzumiya from the animeThe Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. This is truly and unexpected turn of events and I am being completely honest about my surprise.

    Holy shit she vocalized! I thought that too Yotsuba! Hmm what other weapon could Haruhi have… Will she throw Mikuru boobs first at Yotsuba?! I don’t think I can guess this one.

    Also, I just realized something for the first time after a long time of reading your comics. Those action panels, are they’re printed speed lines aren’t they? This is genius, I will have to borrow that some day,

    • I am sure you were not able to figure out who it was after the last episode and that you did not see any comments suggesting who it was!

      Maybe I should have made the title one of the ones that spoils a whole episode, but I think I already did that.

      Hmm, I guess you haven’t been around long enough to have a good idea of what’s coming next.

      Yep, the backgrounds I’ve been using for these are just things I printed out. I’ve got a whole stack of them, now!

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