Polymer Chaos #125: Yotsubeatmania Episode 13 – Yotsuba & VENGEANCE

pc_125_yotsubeatmaniaep13If there’s anything that I learned from making this comic, it’s that fuck Altrene’s full armor mode I’m never doing anything this extensive with that ever again.

10 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #125: Yotsubeatmania Episode 13 – Yotsuba & VENGEANCE

  1. Oh man, Yotsuba has the best expressions. VOCALIZE!

    Haha, I think every figma collector and their mother have that figma. That and she’s the only one worthy to be a final boss. Although it makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside to know that we can recognize her from just a leg. Maybe that’d be a good post, figma pop quiz! Who can figure out the figma from a random body part?

    • And people keep going on about Figmas just being a bunch of generic schoolgirls…

      Wonder if it would have been the same if I had used the less-common Fraulein instead.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there were people that could tell Figmas apart based on differences of proportions if you showed them headless Figmas of the Lucky Star or K-ON! girls.

  2. Ehh, what did that poor grunt ever do, he was probably like yeah having fun at the arcade then bam he get’s shot in the back by Canaan.

    Aha, I know that leg! As if a random figma leg was not recognizable enough for us figma collectors.

    • He’s a Grunt. It’s his destiny to die randomy. But at least ‘Grunt Birthday’ wasn’t on.

      Man, everyone’s all like, “I KNOW WHO THAT IS!” I guess it’s not too big of a deal, but maybe I should ask everyone to act surprised for the next comic. Like when you open a Christmas present that you already know the identity of!

  3. Drossel got sold into slavery? I guess robots to make good slaves. Unless it’s sex slaves, then stuff is gonna get caught on gears and stuff and that doesn’t sound very fun.

    Second tier transformation of a magical girl?! Shit’s going down now!

    Again, I’m always amazed just how intense a game Beatmania is. You explode when you lose?! What kind of game design is that?

    Hmm that final boss’ leg looks familiar, I think I might know who it is.

    • I don’t know why people just don’t stick onaholes in their robo girls…

      Well, Altrene did get the Earth thrown at her. I believe that is what caused her to explode.

      Dang, I didn’t think a Figma could be so easily recognized. Though, I guess if someone had it…

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