New Arrival: Figma Homura Akemi

homurapost01Only a month and a half late thanks to SAL being extra slow during the holidays.  BUT IN THE SERIOUS WORLD OF FIGURE REVIEW BLOGS, SPEED IS EVERYTHING!  EMS AND FACTORY-STOLEN GOODS ALWAYS!

Nah.  Not that it really matters much.

Anyways, Figma Homuhomu, ordered from HLJ.

Fancy picture for this time, just the usual Ott-lite abuse with filtering.  I should try to make a better background next time, maybe.

Box.  Pretty normal box.  But!  Max Factory might finally be learning how to pack figures more efficiently, as Homura’s box actually features a tray for a few of her accessories that’s underneath the main plastic tray!  I hope they stick with this, instead of using that stupid larger box just so all of the accessories can be visible up front.

Accessories.  Six right hands – trigger finger, fist, splayed, bazooka-cusping, holding things, and a hand for holding the pipe bomb.  Only four left hands – fist, splayed, bazooka-cusping, and holding things.  Other stuff is three total faces, a secondary back hair piece, pair of glasses, golf club, bazooka, pipe bomb, pistol, alternate left forearm with the time-shield thing, and an adapter peg for the stand.

Default face and attempting the hair brush pose, but not doing so well.  The inclusion of an arm without the time doodad confused me at first, but then they revealed the WonFes Schoolgirl Homura, which will have accessories to make Epilogue Homura, when she no longer had the shield.  The shield itself is on a peg that’s not glued in, so it can be spun around and taken off.

The quality of the paint job on Homura isn’t the best, but since her outfit is at least a bit plain it doesn’t stand out so much.  Kinda annoying that a lot of the Figmas lately have paint jobs that aren’t nearly as nice as they were on older ones.  I remember when you didn’t have to worry about getting a figure that didn’t look as good as the promo pics…

The angry face and throwing the pipe bomb.  I’m actually using one of the bazooka hands there, since I wasn’t smart enough to realize the one hand was for holding the pipe bomb.

The Moemura face, and wearing the glasses!  Also using the pistol, which I think was supposed to be a Desert Eagle or whatever, but I don’t remember.

The glasses go on by fitting into some slots that are on the back of each of Homura’s faces.  Unfortunately, that also means pretty much no other Figmas are going to be able to use them.  Sometimes I wonder if I should get this thing.

The bazooka, which is also a pain in the ass.  Homura doesn’t have any way to actually hold the thing, so you have to basically balance it somewhere and rely on friction.  While the handle can be held by a holding-things hand, actually using that means Homura can’t point it in front of her or probably rest it on her shoulder, since the arms simply can’t move that far.  I’m not sure how they managed to pull off the picture that’s on the box, unless they were using sticky-tack or something.

Homura’s last weapon is the golf club.  Was trying to do a golf swing pose, but not much luck.

Perhaps the most important accessory Homura has is her Moemura hair.  Before her accessories were originally revealed, I figured Max Factory would leave Homura parts for a schoolgirl version, but I was pleasantly wrong.  It works the same way as other Figmas with more than one head/hair piece, just pull the head off and stick the other one on and move the face and bangs over.  Though since this Homura only has one bangs piece, you can’t have multiple Homuras.  The Moemura hair also lets Homura move her head around a bit more than the normal hair does.

The ends of her braids are like meat hooks, though.  You can hang trophies from them!

Back shots with both hair pieces.  The normal one uses the same two-joint split design that Black Gold Saw and KOS-MOS used.

Aside from the paint, my Homura unfortunately has one particular flaw, that being the peg for the faces not being set all the way in on the normal hair piece.  It’s not causing too much of a problem, but it is making Homura’s faces point downwards a bit more than they should.  Not sure if I’ll be able to fix it, my attempts to dislodge the peg so far have only threatened to break the peg itself.

Homura’s got some pretty good range at the hips.  The skirt is soft plastic, which helps.  I’m also going to go ahead and mention here that some of my right hand wrists are annoying loose in the peg holes.  I tried to tighten one, but since it now has to be forced into the hole, I might just make it worse…

No ranged weapons, glasses on, time magic users only, FINAL DESTINATION.

“I’ll just get Madoka to drink some of this, and then…!”

This is obligatory.  Madoka’s poofy skirt actually made it a bit tough.

And then I took another picture from another angle just for the hell of it.

Prototype for the nice picture.  But then I looked at it and said, “HamsterCorp, that is not a pose that makes sense for someone shooting a sniper rifle.”

Whelp, Homura found some of Madoka’s panties.

14 thoughts on “New Arrival: Figma Homura Akemi

  1. I learned something new, had no idea there was a dedicated hand to hold the pipe bomb. Also, I too questioned the extra forearm, but now, IT ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE NOW!

    Dang it, I did it wrong, I used ranged weapons, they didn’t have glasses and it wasn’t Final Destination!!!!

    Man, silly people, playing Smash Bros. like that is no fun.

    • I think I was slightly off-guard for Madoka schoolgirl Figmas, since it’s been a while since the whole Lucky Star thing and they somehow never made more versions of the K-ON! characters.

      I think the best way to respond to NO FUN Smash players is to play as Fabulous Captain Falcon and spam SHOW YA MOVES

  2. Loving that hair toss picture. Its not perfect but still conveys the point well enough.

    That’s a huge ass bottle of wine.

    For some reason that last picture reminds me of that old skit Johnny Carson used to do where he’d name something, seemingly from random and then read a card that would describe what he had named.

    • I should do another picture of that pose from the side or something, might look a bit better.

      Well, Homura is about the same size as Madoka, making her a smaller Figma…but now I have a 1/6 bottle of wine I could give her, instead!

  3. Homura does know on how to “liven” things up. XD

    Wow, didn’t know that her bazooka is held only by… friction. A bit of sticky tack is always helpful. =D

    Homura vs Sakuya… with a mop and gold club, this WILL get ugly. XD

    • All that time she had to hold back and be all emotionless has to get released at some point!

      It took me about ten minutes just to get the right arm in a workable “craddling the bazooka” pose, then I had to deal with the other arm…

      I’m sure it will end in a truce and the two of them discussing how to best use their time magics to do perverted things with/to their respective loves.

  4. Man, I’ve forgotten how cute Moemura is. I’ve even forgotten that face is even included. Never expected so much smiling out of a Homura review, nor so much lesbianism…

    …Wait, scratch that — this is HAMSTERCORP’S THING, a place where lesbianism is always a given!

  5. The hair brush shot was pretty good. I instantly recognized it. The hair joints also don’t look nearly as bad as some people made them up to be.

    I don’t see what you mean about the paint though. From your pictures she looks fine. The shield thing looks a little plain though. I didn’t see the promo photos, maybe she’s just amazing there or something.

    And yeah! You took the type of photos I would expect. Vs other time magic? Check. Cool gun poses? Check. Yuri? Double check. Panties on head? Check!

    Oh and if Call of Duty has taught me anything, snipers are SUPPOSED to be shot standing up with no kind of support what so ever. You just need to hold your breath.

    • Also, real snipers don’t look down their scopes, and GOOD snipers only shoot after doing a 360 while jumping off a cliff. I would know, because I play CALLADOODY!

    • I didn’t know people were complaining about the joints. Maybe I was just already used to them enough to not be bothered.

      The paint isn’t too bad since there isn’t much of it, but it mostly shows problems on the trim areas and at the end of her sleeves.

      I would not have been happy with myself if I didn’t at least take all of those pictures! My Madoka figures can now provide plenty of picture material.

      Man, kids these days and only having to hold their breath! I remember Metal Gear Solid 2 require you to dope up on pentazamin or whatever, which you had tons of and only actually needed for one part of the game…

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