New Arrival: 1/1 Vinyl Kyubey

kyubeypost01After all that waiting since the summer Wonfes, the beast is finally here!  The Kyubey I’ve been calling the “Giga Kyubey”, from the series Puella Magi Madoka Magica.  Kyubey was purchased from Goodsmile’s exclusives webstore thing, which was graciously made available to us dirty foreigners.

Though…not really all that many pictures, since the thing is pretty damn simple and big.


Maybe I’ll try an Ott-lite picture for him tonight.

Kyubey’s glorious box must be talked about first.  Two sides feature a graphic of just his face.  You can put it somewhere and freak people out!

It also features this interesting message.

KYUBEY.  Being one of those “soft vinyl” (or Hipster Garbage) figures, Kyubey is more or less a giant chunk of hollow plastic.  He’s only got two points of articulation, swivels for his neck and tail.

From the other side.  Not a whole lot to see, of course, as there’s hardly any detail, given the source.  But still, he’s full-scale!  The only thing he actually comes with is a clear dish thing to stick under his tail, since it doesn’t lie level with his feet.  It doesn’t seem to be entirely needed, but it keeps him from tipping over easily.

The two rings on his not-ears are tiltable, but I think this was more for damage prevention than anything else.  And on the subject of damage, I am slightly concerned about the tail.  The joint is fairly small and there’s a lot of weight on either side of it.  Given what the thing is made out of, I probably don’t need to be too worried about it, but I’m being careful when moving him around just in case.

And this is how Kyubey’s size compares with Figma Madoka.  Madoka’s a smaller Figma, but I think the comparison is still apt.

Double Kyubey.  I also recently got one of the plush Kyubeys, ordered from HLJ.  I wanted to have a Kyubey that I could easily take somewhere, like Otakon, and I’m not about to try and cart the Giga Kyubey around.

Plush Kyubey again.  I think it’s designed to be able to sit on your shoulder, which is neat, but it seems to roll off easy.

And Takoluka pic.

Giga Kyubey is definately going to be one of my favorite display pieces, now.  Just need to find the best place to put him…

14 thoughts on “New Arrival: 1/1 Vinyl Kyubey

  1. Vinyl? VINYL?!


    Going to Echo Exilehero here, but I thought it’d be hollow as well, even though in retrospect that’s kinda silly. I’ve never touched a vinyl figure before, but the ones I’ve seen are all tiny and simple so I just assumed they’d be solid to justify their costs. Hmmm, since it’s hollow, does this mean you can squeeze it and abuse it? Not that I recommend doing that, as it would be a potentially costly experiment.

    You should take Giga QB for some outdoor photos. Blending 2D into 3D always makes for neat shots. Too bad it’s the middle of the winter right now and it’s probably totally dull outside for you as well.

    Anyways, SUPER FUCKIN’ NEAT-O, MAN. You put those Madoka reaction faces to great use.

    • The proper term is “Hipster Garbage”!

      Really small things I think might be solid, but I believe even shit like those Munnys or whatever are even at least partially hollow. Kyubey’s not squeezable, though, the plastic is sturdy and thick enough so that it won’t bend or deform so easily.

      I’ll probably do some outside pictures once there’s green stuff again.

  2. I thought briefly about getting this at summer wonfest but changed my mind as soon as I saw people lugging that massive (but wonderful!) box around. I did get that plush though, I put it above my partner’s desk so it can stare down at him while he works in that creepy Kyubey way.

  3. God, I expect epic pictures once all the puella magi figma are out.

    The box is made of pure win, although I would go out of my way to not handle with care. My love for someone that tricks loli looking magical girls is little.

    I’m somewhat disappointing, for the price I would have expected a bit more substance I guess?

    • LFM Giga Kyubey 5-man world boss!

      If you don’t handle it with care, he might spill his Grief Seeds all over!

      I’m not sure what else they could have done, but I don’t think the price is too bad. It’s only about three or four Figmas, and Kyubey has far more mass than the Figmas ever would.

  4. Oh my… You just got contracted. =D

    The box is really something, makes customs and courier folks look at each other with a worried face. XD

    Well, looks like Madoka and gang will have their hands full. Literally.

    • I get to wear frilly dresses now!

      The white box wasn’t the actual shipping box, it was inside a plainer box…though that box did still have the Incubator warning. Someone on /toy/ suggested that the customs for his country would have probably destroyed the Kyubey, thinking it was a biohazard, and tagged the guy as a terrorist.


  5. That thing is epic, I expect it you take over your living space within a week or two. And that box is complete win.

  6. Yes! I’ve been waiting to see this one. Ever since they announced a 1/1 kyubey I thought it was a nifty idea. But I didn’t want to buy it myself haha. I don’t know what I would do with a big hulking Kyubey!

    I love the box, I usually don’t see nifty boxes like that. Did yours also come with an incubator warning sign where the “fragile” thing usually is? I saw some picture of that and found it really amusing.

    Couple things that surprised me. One is that you mentioned it’s hollow and I guess that makes way more sense. For some reason I was under the impression that it was one solid chunk of plastic. The other thing is the tail base thingie. Where the tail connects is kinda small so it’s reasonable.

    Giga Kyubey really is final boss material, I love it.

    • Why, you pose it with cats, that’s what you do!

      Yeah, the actual shipping box in which the main box was in had a Kyubey face as one of the various icons, as well as the “Incubator inside” message.

      All these soft vinyl things are always hollow, if they were solid chunks they’d be a hell of a lot heavier and expensive. If this Kyubey were solid I could probably kill someone with it…

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