New Arrival: Figma Sakuya Izayoi

sakuyapost01Finally, the first real ‘New Arrival’ post for this blog!  Although it’s just another Figma.  One that’s over a year old.

But hey, nothing else has arrived yet and the WordPress could always use more words to help lure people over from searches.  That also means I get to be kind of lazy and not really need to talk about articulation much (as if I really ever did before).

“Please die.”

A fancy picture for the post.  Been a while since I’ve done an Ott-lite Abuse picture like this, though.  I think it came out well.

Sakuya was purchased unopened from Mandarake.  She’s actually still available from the Nico Video web store (the only one of the Touhou Figmas, in fact – I think I’ve heard she’s quite a shelfwarmer for some reason), but after the middleman fees, it turned out Mandarake was still going to be cheaper.

Quick box shot because God damn why is this box so huge.


I guess they really wanted all the Touhous to keep using the same ridiculously large box, because all of that could have easily gone in the smaller regular Figma box.

Almost unnecessary with that previous picture, but anyways.  Sakuya has a total of three faces, four pairs of hands – fists, holding things, splayed, and knife-holding, an extra right hand mainly for mop poses, a right hand holding a pocket watch, a combat knife of sorts, six throwing knives, a mop, a di:stage cut-out, and a piece of paper.  I don’t know what the paper says, so it’s probably something like one of those Golden Tickets for Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  Except it’s for Drunky Zun’s Touhou Factory or something.

Sakuya also comes with a sheet of these emote sticker things.  I had a Nendoroid that came with some, but I never tried using them because I was worried I’d only be able to use them once or so.  Maybe I should try using these sometime.  But I don’t want to use them up.

After the default kinda generic face is this smiling face.  Either she’s just being content with things or she’s actually about to kill someone.  Also holding the pocket watch, but you can’t really see much of it from its back…

The pocket watch is quite nicely detailed, though.

Final face is an angry/action face.  Though looking to one side, which does limit usage somewhat.  The combat knife is a bit plain-looking, but it certainly does the job.  Sakuya’s braids are made of flexible plastic, so it’s easy to move them around and out of the way for posing.  They’re connected to the front hair piece.

The big knife can also be sheathed in the holster on Sakuya’s left leg.  Unfortunately, doing so requires popping the leg off at the hip, which is one of those things that makes me go, “WOAH HOLD UP DAWG”.  I don’t think the knife would be all that visible at most angles, anyways, so I likely won’t be making much use of this feature.

She comes with a mop because…I guess maids mop?  If my Japanese animes are any indication, maids are more for having sex with their masters rather than mopping things.  Though I don’t think tatami mats are supposed to be mopped.

Final accessories are the throwing knives.  They’re small as fuck and Oh my God I am going to lose them probably.  I normally use Revocontainers for storing accessories, and the knives can actually fit through the Revolver Joint peg-sized holes on the container.  They have their own set of hands to go with, though getting the knives to go in between the fingers takes some patience and I kind of wonder why they didn’t just make the knives part of the hand sculpt.  The hands don’t really have much use beyond holding the knives, and they could have always kept a few seperate knives to act as knives that have already been thrown.

One thing I’m suprised Sakuya didn’t come with is a tea set of some sort, since I guess that’s one of the main things she does.  Luckily, the cup and saucer from the Figma Morning After Aya Kagura works pretty well.

Simple back shot.

Unlike an awful lot of Figmas, Sakuya is actually capable of looking up, though not by a whole lot.  Still better than “not at all”.

Interestingly, Sakuya is capable of wearing Figma Aya Shameimaru’s faces, though they fit on loosely.  However, the shapes are different enough that Aya can’t wear Sakuya’s faces at all.

“Why don’t we clean that dirty mouth of yours.”

Brushie brushie


I wonder if they’ll reveal the next Touhou Figma at the upcoming Wonfes.

18 thoughts on “New Arrival: Figma Sakuya Izayoi

    • I’m not sure if there even are any Mac ports, so you’d probably have to run the games through whatever Windows emulators Mac has. There’s English patches for the games available here, they might have some info on running them on OSX.

  1. I just wish she was taller. She shouldn’t be the same height as Reimu and Marisa… while she’s already wearing heels.

    So to alleviate that problem, I also got the Figutto Sakuya, and that one’s *too* tall. Yay.

    • Are there even any kind of official heights for the characters anywhere? Wonder if such measurements include the hats…

      The Figutto seems like a nice figure, at least, from what I’ve seen.

  2. Ah what a coincidence also doing a Sakuya post.

    Sakuya is nice, she has many things going for her. Like being a maid, and a Touhou… and time stopping powers I guess? Oh, most not forget serving loli vampires.

    The figma is nice, I really, really love that smile of hers. That’s truly is a smile that is worth a thousand words.

    The stickers are surprisingly reusable, used a few several times with no loss adhesive power. Heck, my Biri Biri figma has had a couple of those blush marks on her face for almost a year already and they have yet to fall off.

    Also, those knives… screw you Max Factory, screw you!!! I wish at least, they would have been sensible enough to either make them bigger or include extras.

      Although I can’t do pictures with both Homura and Sakuya yet, as my Homura is still in Postal Limbo.

      Maids and time mages are cool. And some people think she’s secretly a moon person, which would also be cool.

      Good to know that the stickers will hold up well. I’m not used to using things like that, so it might still take a while for me to convince myself to actually put them to use.

      The throwing knives are easily the biggest drawback of the figure. I still think gluing them might be the best idea. They’re small enough that I could probably make fake extras out of some cardboard, if I really still want seperate ones.

  3. Wait what, Sakuya is shelf-warming? What the shit? She’s like, one of the few maid characters that are sufficiently maid-like! Fucking Japs, no tastes at all.

    You’re right, some of these design decisions are pretty puzzling. The throwing knives is the most blatant issue, but even the leg knife should’ve been integrated into the sculpt. The sheath looks a little too XBOX HUEG to me, as if it’s supposed to house a machette or something.

    But hey, Sakuya is cool, and now you can turn any of your figma characters into maids via head-swapping!

    • Maybe people didn’t like the few accessories or that there aren’t any of the other SDM girls yet…

      I can understand having the main knife not being part of the sculpt like that, makes more sense if you’ve got a picture with Sakuya holding the knife and the sheath visible. Could also probably do some neat pictures with it.

      I haven’t done a lot of head-swapping lately. I should do some.

  4. Please explain to me this Ott-lite thing to me will ya? Because that shot looks really darn pretty.

    I love the sakuya figma, probably because she’s a maid. Maybe I have a maid fetish. Anyway, those emoticons are pretty sturdy from what I’ve seen, unless you cover the sticky part with dirt you’ll probably be ok reusing them.

    Oh god, those fucking throwing knives. I just came back from playing around with Sakuya figma and man did we lose those stupid knifes in the carpet every time we looked at them wrong. And you’d think they’d stay put where they fall but somehow they end up at the other side of the room, the little pricks.

    • They’re a brand of lamps that tend to be high-powered and have pure white light and come in all sorts of nifty form factors. I like to take pictures using the one I have as the sole light source to get pictures like that. They can be a bit pricey, but if you have a Bed Bath & Beyond or a Michael’s near you, you could probably get one of those stores’ frequent lots-of-%-off coupons and get one from those places.

      I figure it’s probably just a matter of sticking them back on the sheet when done. I’ve deliberately not put the sheet back in the box so that I might be more compelled to use them!

      I’m hoping I don’t lose any of these knives. I might end up covering up the holes in the Revocontainer I put Sakuya’s stuff in so they won’t accidently slip out. But I also thought about gluing them in place…

      • Aha! I see, I think I’ll go take a look at them next time I’m shopping for picture supplies. I’ve been looking for something new to do with lighting.

        Back before I got any figures I played and posed with Miette’s Sakuya and I kept using the same sticker over and over and always stuck it back on the sheet. That’s why I say I think they’re sturdy enough to be reused.

        If you glue them you wont be able swivel them into more actiony positions, like a stair case. Though you could just pick one and stick to it I guess.

  5. I like your fancy, glowy picture up the top there!

    I want to try use those figma emote things sometime too but I can’t bring myself to do it either, haha.

    I’m a bit lazy and usually pose her with her mop because those tiny knives annoy the shit out of me.
    I think she’s a great figma for a shelfwarmer though. I mean, not many figma can look up!

    • Thanks.

      Heh, it’s like the problem of never using your good healing items in RPGs and then you just end up at the end of the game with a stockpile of them that never got used!

      I wonder why she didn’t seem to sell as well as the other Touhou Figmas. I thought she was a pretty popular character. I bet demand would skyrocket if they ever did Remilia, though.

  6. Oh hey, you also gotten yourself Sakuya? =D

    Personally, she’s the more adorable looking Touhou figma, maybe its from her smiling face.

    Lol, Aya gotten an IN-YO-FACE clean-up treatment. XD

    • That’s why I was all “GET OUT OF MY MIND” when you got yours!

      It certainly seems that way. Comparing her with my Aya, Sakuya’s proportions look a bit more moe-ish.

      That mop may well be the most formidable weapon in her arsenal. I think I’ve heard mops can actually be quite the germ-ridden places…

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