Polymer Chaos Keywords #8: revoltech ass view

I guess I should make some new content? SO HOW ABOUT SOME CHEAP AND EASY STUFF.

Another search term used to arrive at the Blogspot. I’m willing to bet the person wanted some Queen’s Blade ass, not robot ass.

I wonder how long it’ll take for the WordPress to actually start showing up in searches. I know the non-comic posts were the ones that got pretty much all the search hits…

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier, but if anyone notices something wrong on the WordPress (other than the comics being crappy), let me know so I can fix it.  Typoes, whatever.

12 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos Keywords #8: revoltech ass view

  1. She seems more shocked to have got caught with Magnus as opposed to the fact he mooned her… Though I guess he moons everyone behind him all the time since he doesn’t wear clothes.

  2. You call that an ass? It’s so flat and not voluptuous at all. Color me disappointed.

    Also, you reminded me I’m so craving that Annelotte revoltech so much… sigh… alright Mandrake.

    • It is also not a donkey. I may be advertising falsely.

      Annelotte’s a good figure, better than how the Revoltech Aldra turned out, at least. Just has one derpy face, but that still provides its own entertainment value.

  3. Why does Annelotte look so shocked?! I think that transformer has a rather attractive rear. The way he flashes those revolver joints.. oh my.

    Haha, I had a great search term hit yesterday.. ‘moe moe kyun my ass!’

    I remember it took ages for my blog to first show on Google and when it finally did it was like.. ten pages back!

  4. With that title i also expected Queen’s Blade ass…

    I dunno how but you managed to make the robot’s face look so damn smug while flashing his rusty can all over the place. It almost pisses me off, It’s like he’s mocking me, “HAHA you thought it was gonna be a cute girl didn’t you?”.

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