Templates are fun for the whole family!

Whew.  Finally finished uploading all the comics here!  Also uploaded the Figma Madoka “review” post, though I’m not sure yet which of the others I’ll stick up here.  Possibly the RD Sinanju and a few others, but not all of them, since a lot of those posts were actually pretty crappy.

So, in celebration and as a bonus, here’s two templates I’ve made in the past!

If you do anything with these, let me see what you do!  I like seeing people do stuff with my stuff, and I actually have a habit of saving any edits/macroes of my pictures I see people post.

(remember to click the images for the full-size)

A recreation of the “machine code” meme, using Figma Haruhi and Saber.

The blank for the “Strike Witches Comics” rip-off of Dinosaur Comics I made.  The font I used (and I am pretty sure that Dinosaur comics also uses) is Lucidia Console.

Yay!  Maybe I can go make some new comics now!  Or just make more headers!  Or go play Skyrim!

4 thoughts on “Templates are fun for the whole family!

  1. Here I thought I was finally gonna get something new but I was tricked.

    I fail miserably at using other people’s templates, even more so since I’m not that meme savvy. Although… I have this incredible urge to make a joke about no pants with anything Strike Witches related.

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