New Arrival: Figma Madoka Kaname

madokapost01Moving on ahead, I suppose!  Though I’m not sure yet if I’ll do anything like this for the Figma MISAKA.  Since she’s closer to the Generic Schoolgirl standard but with a couple of guns and being special.  It might be amazing that I even got this done since right now I’m all Oblivion all the time.

Figma Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, purchased from one of the usual plastic crack dealers.

I think Puella Magi is one of the first shows that actually has me wanting to complete a set of figures, or at least sort of.  I’ve got Homura, Mami, and Sayaka all on pre-order and will be hammering that button for Kyouko as soon as I can.  Too bad it’ll take half a year before I have all five of them.  And I thought trying to put together a five-man party in World of Warcraft was bad.  I just won’t be getting Schoolgirl Madoka and I don’t know if I’d get schoolgirl outfits of any of the others.

But I will still be getting that 1/1 Kyubey for FUN TIMES.

I would say something about “SPOILERS” but honestly, if you’ve gone this long without watching the show or knowing about Madoka and what goes down, you don’t deserve the protection.

Accessories first.  Three faces, two GUREFO SUEEDOS, her bow, her bow’s dormant form, a Kyubey, pair of splayed hands, pair of holding-things hands, pair of fists, a pair of hands that go with the bow, a pair of relaxed hands, one hand made to hold the Grief Seeds, and four arrows of weaponized lesbianism.

First impressions of Madoka is that she is quite small.  Not only is she short, but she’s also slimmer than a typical Figma would be, with the arms even using smaller Figma joints at the elbows.  Even though most of her hands are typical Figma hands, they’re also smaller than usual.  Despite this, Madoka still looks rather nicely detailed.  It may be down to all the frills and ribbons and stuff, as a lot of other Figmas simply don’t have as much design detail.

So here’s a quick size comparison to try and give you an idea of Madoka’s size.  She’s barely taller than my shortest Figma, A’s Fate, and one of my tallest Figmas, KOS-MOS, towers over her.  Okay, maybe using KOS-MOS is a bit unfair.

A close-up with the “not yet traumatized to hell” face.  Her shoulder poofs are seperate, floating pieces so they can be moved around to not impede shoulder movement and also try to keep the joint more hidden.  The front of her outfit is made of the soft plastic and goes down into the skirt, so that the chest joint is unhindered.  Paint seems to be a bit messy, but it’s not terrible, I think.  Also, the white areas on her aren’t actually white – they have just the slightest pinkish-purple tint to them, though I’m not sure if they did that because they wanted it colored ever-so-slightly or if because they wanted the white to appear as a “bright white”.

[SCIENCE FUN FACT OF THE DAY!  Colors people normally might think of as “bright white” aren’t actually pure white.  They usually have just the slightest tint of blue mixed in, causing the white to appear brighter and more white than it normally would.  Laundry bleaches in particular exploit this – they actually add blue to your clothes to make the clothes appear brighter!] (I think that information is accurate, it’s been a while since that chemistry class)

“It’s MY money, and I want it NOW!”
The determined face.  It is very determined!  This’ll probably be a good place to mention that Madoka’s twin tails are jointed, but thankfully in a way better than most other twin-tailed Figmas.  They don’t have the greatest range of movement, but it’s enough and it doesn’t feel like they could break at any moment.  Also, parts of the ribbons are split between the head and the twin tails, so they can look like they’re moving, too.

And of course, the horrified face.  And Kyubey!

Speaking of Kyubey HOLY CRAP IS HE TINY.  His head is on a single ball joint so he can look around.  Kyubey unfortunately is a bit unbalanced and can have difficulty staying upright.  Maybe he’s just really drunk.

A view of Madoka’s back.  Ribbons everywhere (FUCKING RIBBONS).  The two ribbons on her ankles are floating pieces so they can be rotated.  I don’t quite know how to explain it, how how exactly it works, but Madoka’s skirt actually has a joint in it, connecting to Madoka’s butt on the inside.  I think it’s so that Madoka’s big poof can still move around some to keep her poses dynamic-looking.

Other accessories!  Starting with this picture done horribly wrong, as I was using the wrong hand AND the Grief Seed is upside-down.  The Grief Seeds are ridiculously tiny, and I suspect they give you two of them because you’re probably going to lose one.  I dropped one onto my carpet and immediately thought “OH GOD IT’S LOST FOREVER” until I found it.

The dormant form of Madoka’s bow, which requires me to go rewatch the anime sometime because I forget if she ever did anything with it like this, other than hold it for a moment before it turned to the bow, and making me wonder a bit why they included it.  I guess it can also be some sort of staff!  The rose motiff is interesting; Madoka is a blooming flower!

I guess if it’s going to be a battle staff Madoka can have some fights with it.

Then there’s the bow.  It’s a bit awkward at some angles, but Madoka can still do a pretty good job of pulling off proper archery poses.  The Yuri Energy arrows can just barely peg into that right hand, though it’s not immediately obvious from just looking at the hand that it’s supposed to be the one to hold the arrows.


Maybe we should get Madoka some archery classes before we let her run around all willy-nilly with a bow that shoots Bolts of Gay.

Nom nom nom.

I’m pretty satisfied with my Madoka.  She’s rather nice to look at.  So now I get to impatiently wait for the rest of my Puella Magi so they can all have a great big magical girl orgy.

Now then, Max Factory, since you have shown us that you can, in fact, make WIDEFACE Figmas, where are my Hidamari Sketch Figmas?!  That fourth season is coming, you know!

2 thoughts on “New Arrival: Figma Madoka Kaname

    • The pictures are the same size they were before, it just took some clicking!

      It is nice, though. Don’t have to worry about most of my comics getting resized and requiring clicken. I kinda wish I could make the font a bit larger, though.

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