Polymer Chaos Keywords #5: o no random bikini

Probably not going to be able to get around to a normal comic for a bit, so here’s some cheap filler!

Another search phrase that was used to somehow arrive at my blog. I have no idea what it could actually mean, but actually doing the search does happen to pull up a lot of pictures of girls, and occasionally something else, in bikinis. Sounds sorta like something Josh Lesnick would say.

Otakon is just a few days away now~
Might do a comic for it, but I don’t know yet. I think I have a fairly decent idea that won’t seem too forced, like a lot of other attempts at Otakon-related comics, but it’ll sorta depend on what I get while there. May think of some other ideas, too.

Meanwhile, Wonderfest was certainly wonderful. The remaining Figma Puella Magi were no surprise, other than Sayaka’s cape, and I’ll certainly be getting them. Happy to finally see Nendoroid and Figma Ika Musume, just have to decide which version to get, though I’m leaning towards the Nendo so I can have my own Mini-Ika. Kinda tempted on Figma Index, but I’ll wait and see. I think the most curious thing has been the Figma Black Rock Shooter “B”, which will come packed with some Huke artbook apparently and looks like she just walked out of some weird Monster Hunter/Phantasy Star crossover. She also looks like they just combined BRS with the “Dragonslayer” design. Hopefully she won’t be hard to get, though, because I kinda want her. And maybe that crazy-looking BRS motorcycle/trike, too.

And perhaps most importantly, my giant Kyubey has been ordered (along with Heavily-Armed Aegis)! Now just to wait until November.


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