Polymer Chaos #96: Necessities

pc_096_necessitiesIf one is going to rip off Dinosaur Comics, it simply does not do to only do it once!

Incidentally, I will be running off to Katsucon tomorrow, so doing this allows me to make a comic without having to put much actual work into it! At least this time when I drive up there, I won’t be driving straight into the tail-end/aftermath of one of the worst blizzards the DC metro area had in decades. Hopefully.

Instead, the con will likely be a plague factory given the wacky thing that’s been going around lately and looping.

I’m also not really expecting much going into it, don’t even know if I’ll buy anything (well, I’m sure I will, but I don’t seem to have anything specific in mind to look for). I think Otakon spoils me.

Also it seems that recently my blog has been turning up in searches significantly more recently, and the subjects of the searches has become a little more diverse, though there hasn’t been too many crazy ones to note down, yet.

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