Polymer Chaos #93: The Elusive Creature

pc_093_theelusivecreatureThey’re trying to make a documentary, and he isn’t helping!

Goodsmile put up their list of 200 entries for their photo contest for people to vote on, and it seems the picture I entered didn’t make that list. Well, now to wait and see if that special Nendo stand shows up in my mail…

Also since I guess I haven’t said anything about it anywhere else yet fuck yes Revoltech Ymir! My preorder was secured, and I think I’ll actually get her in the same shipment as Revoltech Iron Man. I’m actually kinda hyped about Ymir, she’s got four faces, articulated hair, an articulated hand, her dress comes all the way off, and AN ARTICULATED HAND. I really hope I am not disappointed. And recently we learned there’s going to be a Revoltech Jehuty, too! COCKPITS

Wonderfest previews are starting to spill out onto the internets. Some interesting things so far, but not much that’s making me “OMG PREORDERS WHERE” just yet, aside from what looked to be some Etrian Odyssey 3 trading figures.

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