Polymer Chaos Keywords #2: figma azusa too big

As before, this is something someone typed into a search engine and ended up on my blagh!

Too big for what, nobody knows! But I’ve heard that the Figma Azusa is out of scale with the other K-ON! Figmas, so perhaps the searcher was interested in that. Can’t really answer that myself, as Azusa is the only K-ON! Figma that I have. Well, technically I have two, but I’m still not sure if I should open Nodoka or not.

I was going to try to have a normal comic ready for today, but it wasn’t meeting quality controls as I was making it and I need to rework the idea. So I did this instead since I don’t feel like doing the other ideas I have waiting yet.

That picture got me a “POTD” on MFC for some reason. I haven’t gotten one since, despite my combined efforts of trolling and Nendoroids + Cats.

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