Polymer Chaos #84: Yotsubeatmania! Episode 5 – After School Special

pc_084_yotsubeatmaniaep5I DIDN’T FORGET ABOUT THESE

I just got distracted. And then I decided the script I prepared should come later and came up with a “filler” episode. But everything still is as planned!

Damn you, Konami. Make it so I don’t have to spend $100 to play Beatmania on a console buried in my closet.

Started watching Mitsudomoe. Shit’s hilarious.

Also also started looking into some Kamen Rider stuff. Watched…Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Double & Decade: Movie War 2010, didn’t make much sense but it was pretty awesome. Read the first chapter of Kamen Rider Spirits, Skullrider is a man’s man. The barriers that have kept me from owning a Kamen Rider Figuarts are breaking being RIDER KICK’ed.

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