Polymer Chaos #74: Yotsubeatmania! Episode 3 – A New Ally Appears!

pc_074_yotsubeatmaniaep3It seems the evil organization is starting to be revealed, but now Yotsuba has some new friends to help in her fight!

Well, Ice Viper, who has been designated ‘Person A’ in my notes, may not survive.

I sorta seem to be in an odd place with my comic. I’m feeling a bit burned out, but at the same time I feel like I want to just concentrate on these Yotsubeatmania comics instead and abandon making something every single week.

Of course I feel like this so close to #100 (not that it technically would be the 100th comic…).
At least I have an interesting idea for #100. It’s just going to take an excessive amount of work. Should start working on that…

In the meantime I actually started working on finishing my Arrynvia map revamp that I’ve been procrastinating on. I’ve discovered the physical limitations of Paintshop Pro, it seems, but I was finally able to complete the largest section of the map after a bit of comprimising and lots of PSP blowing itself and/or my laptop up. Hopefully will have that done this weekend, though I’m going to need to come up with more names for things and that’s always annoying and time consuming and I don’t have the random name generator link anymore…

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