Polymer Chaos #68: Yotsubeatmania! Episode 1 – Yotsuba, VOCALIZE!!

pc_068_yotsubeatmaniaep1In the process of acquiring the IIDX model, I came up with the grandest of ideas, and I think I’ll actually be able to go through it. The basic idea is kinda based on silly shonen anime, where something relatively unimportant (CHILDRENS’ CARD GAMES) is in fact the key to the fate of the whole world.

Things might not make much sense, but hopefully they will be epic enough.

There will be more of this. Much more. I have ideas and plans to take this through at least one “season”, probably two, and I’m actually doing crazy shit like scripting things out in advance. This is also doing something for me I’ve wanted to be able to do for a long time, but couldn’t really find a good enough idea for me to really get into: making a running comic that actually focuses on plot and whatnot instead of the normal stuff I do. In my first attempt to do something like that, I tried to do a “serious” comic with minimized humor and such, and failed so hard that I didn’t even make it to the second comic (and I actually removed the first from here). This is working much better.

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